ESET Remote Administrator Server & Remote Administrator Console 3.0.105

ESET Remote Administrator Server & Remote Administrator Console 3.0.105
ESET Remote Administrator Server & Remote Administrator Console 3.0.105

Remote Administrator is a powerful N-Tier management framework in a tiny, easy-to-use package.

It enables an administrator to easily deploy, manage and maintain thousands of NOD32 systems in large, distributed corporate networks. But, it’s just as powerful in small and medium-sized environments

Features and benefits
- Centralized management of NOD32 workstations and servers, increasing antivirus protection effectiveness and reducing corporate security costs
- Automatic hourly ThreatSense updates keep your corporate network secure
- Fast virus infiltration localization and virus clean-up, thanks to advanced monitoring and reporting tools
- Remote installation of NOD32 client antivirus systems enabling fast antivirus protection rollout
- Centralized NOD32 antivirus management of multiple locations and LAN’s within your enterprise computer network
- Automatic and custom report generation giving you an overview on NOD32 antivirus system activities and helping you maintain a high level of data integrity in your network
- Remote NOD32 client configuration reducing administration and maintenance costs
- Filling holes in your antivirus protection by searching for unprotected computers in your network
- RA server load distribution increasing scalability
- Multiple remote installation methods for on-line and off-line NOD32 client installation
- Mobile user features for better mobile user antivirus protection
- Virus infiltration history helping you strengthen your antivirus protection strategy

Changelog for Remote Administrator
“ Version 3.0.105
-fixed reinstallation from previous versions using Remote Desktop
-fixed possible vulnerability of html injection in generated reports
-fixed repliacation of deleted clients
-fixed reinstallation of ERA Server on Windows 2003 running Terminal Server service
-fixed reinstalation of the version 3.0.39 over previous versions in data migration into db mssql
-fixed installation to 2008/64bit MSSQL Server database
-fixed CfgEdit not requesting confirmation about modifying / changing
ESET Remote Administrator Server Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000/NT4-32/64bit|20.75 MB
ESET Remote Administrator Console Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000-32/64bit|13.98 MB