Internet Kind of Slow?

With development in technology, broadband internet connections provide faster access. However, slow internet connection has become a major problem. The speed of internet connection depends on numerous factors. Hampering any of these factors can result in slow internet connection. Though some causes of slow internet connection cannot be controlled, most of the problems can be taken care off. Some tips for fast internet connections are discussed below.

1. Scan for malware and spyware: Spyware and malware are one of the major causes for slow internet speed. The first tip for fast internet is to scan your computer for spyware and malware and then delete them if they are found. These get downloaded on your computer along with some software or video that you download through internet. You must update your antivirus and anti-malware software quite often to detect and delete such harmful spyware and malware. There are many free and paid resources and programs to clean your pc of harmful threats. Take advantage of them.

2. Empty web cache: Next tip for fast internet is to empty your web cache or keep it as small as possible. Web cache contains temporary internet files that get downloaded when you visit any website or webpage. These files occupy huge disk space leading to slow computer speed as well as slow internet. Emptying it can speed up your computer as well as internet. You must delete all the cookies and history too from the cache. Cookies can be harmful if they are from malicious websites and can cause harm to your hard disk and invade your privacy.

A very useful feature on both firefox and internet explorer is the option to clear your cookies after each internet session. This can drastically speed up your web experience.

3. Increasing speed of web pages: One of the main reasons for slow internet connection is slow web page. They tend to be slow due to overload of animation and other scripts. The next tip for fast internet is to reduce the number of scripts and animation load on your web page. The fastest option is to restrict browser to display only text.

Another trick you can do to speed up the loading of web pages is to load
text only browsers. This type of setting loads only the text and prevents the loading of any heavy graphics or animation, often the culprit of slow web browsing.

4. Use of proxy: A proxy server acts as a buffer between the internet resources that are being accessed and your computer. The servers save files that are frequently requested by numerous internet users in a special database which is called "cache". Hence, proxy servers enable high internet and personal computer speed as they allow your computer to utilize this "cache of saved data". Your computer need not load the information or website that is sought to be accessed as it already exists on the server's hard drive. Setting up proxy server is very simple and can be done manually in 10 minutes.