5 Simple PC Tweaks

If you have been using computer for a long period of time, you must have noticed that its speed and performance has slowed down. There are host of factors effecting speed of your computer. There are 5 simple tweaks to increase computer speed.

1. Removing and uninstalling: The first simple tweak to increase computer speed is to remove and uninstall unnecessary files and programs. Even if your computer has enough space say, 1GB of disk space, it is wiser to remove unnecessary program and files as it helps in increasing speed of your computer. It is very easy to remove and uninstall programs without any expert help.

2. Defragmentation: Defragmentation is a process of rewriting non-contiguous or fragmented parts of a folder or file to contiguous sectors on the hard drive with the aim of increasing computer speed. Disk fragmentation results in slowing down performance of your computer. A computer needs to search the hard drive if the files are fragmented in order to patch up the fragmented portions consuming significant amount of time. With the use of disk defragmenter, your computer's hard drive can be consolidated and freed up resulting in increase in speed of your computer.

3. Detect and repair errors of disk: As a result of heavy usage of hard disk, it can develop bad sectors that can slow down the performance and speed of your computer. This can also lead to delay and stopping of some applications like saving a file. The simple tweak to increase computer speed is to detect and repair disk errors. This can help in preventing bad sectors from developing and speeding up your computer. This task can be performed with the help of Error Checking utility which scans the hard drive and locates bad sectors.

4. Delete temporary files: Next simple tweak to increase computer speed in to delete temporary internet files and cache along with cookies. Temporarily internet files consume the most space than any other application as the internet browser caches every page that is visited for fast access later on. Though these files are necessary, removing them before shutting down your computer can go a long way in increasing speed of your computer. You need to remove cookies as they also reduce speed along with causing damage to your computer as the source of their origin is not know. Internet explorer and firefox both have useful options to clear your cookies after each web session. Take advantage of this and speed up your internet experience.

5. Clean Window registry: Fifth simple tweak to increase computer speed is to clean window registry. Windows registry is a location on your system which stores information that is required to be retrieved later. It is also the reason for many problems that result in crashing, errors, freezing and slow speed. This is result of leftover files that cause interference with existing and new software and hardware. So, cleaning your windows registry is very important step to increase the speed of your computer.